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MNTAT will post presentations, handouts, articles as well as links to other related organizations involving the employment of people with disabilities.
  • Video from the 2012 “Together We Work” Conference:
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  • MN Employment First Coalition/MNAPSE/MNTAT presentation: Employment First!PDF document - Making Employment the first and preferred outcome of Minnesotans with Disabilities.
  • MNTAT and GHA presentations at the 2013 National APSE Conference
  • MNAPSE Employment First Coalition Presentation at DHS
    Odyssey Conference 2013
    PDF document
  • Thought Sauce! Hot Ideas for Cool Employment - A collection of foundational readings on Customized Employment from Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC.
  • Discovery Staging Record - A tool to track Discovery and build a vocational profile.
  • The Three Vocational Themes: Exploring Where the Career Makes Sense - A paper written by Cary Griffin and David Hammis that discusses the concept and practices around developing Vocational Themes as a fundamental element of Customized Employment.