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Griffin-Hammis Associates and our non-profit branch, the Center for Social Capital, showcases original thinkers, practitioners, folks with disabilities, family members, advocates, policy makers, and others discussing topics of interest relating to the expansion and improvement of customized employment. This blog features archived podcasts from people you've no doubt heard of, and some folks you probably haven't...they've been busy building the future.

No philosopher kings need apply, but if you are doing creative, individualized, one-person-at-a-time wage or self employment, this is the place!

In the coming months we will feature folks from diverse backgrounds speaking on related topics including organizational development, staff training, economic and social capital leveraging, community building, business ownership, amalgamated funding, Social Security, Veterans, autism, and policy. We welcome your comments on specific podcasts, and suggestions for speakers and topics.

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As always, thanks for joining us in making Employment First more than a slogan