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Corps of Discovery

The ability of MNTAT to deliver training and technical assistance to Minnesota has been enhanced with the creation of the MNTAT Corps of Discovery. Inspired by the team of intrepid explorers and adventurers that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their quest to find the Northwest Passage, the Minnesota Corps is poised to go anywhere in the state to assist people to discover new ways to become employed or start their own businesses.

The MNTAT Corps of Discovery was recruited from members of Community Actions Teams (CATS) and other partners who exhibited particular skill in understanding and implementing Customized Employment Strategies and Discovery. Each member of the Corps has completed extensive training and fieldwork and continues to receive ongoing training and mentoring from MNTAT and Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA).

The Corps includes members whose area of expertise is administrative and management practices that support individualized community-based employment. This includes assistance with organizational structures, budgets, staffing patterns, recruitment, etc.

To learn more about the MNTAT Corps of Discovery, or to schedule training or technical assistance, contact:

Bob Niemiec

The MNTAT Corps of Discovery is:
  1. Amy Winscher, CCP Works
  2. Beth Howard, Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
  3. Chris Davies, Kaposia, inc.
  4. Heidi Maghan, Kaposia, inc.
  5. Amber Eisfeld, Legacy Endeavors
  6. Dawn Bacon, Ramsey County
  7. Bob Wagner, Ramsey County
  8. Jennifer Madigan, Ramsey County
  9. Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, Community Involvement Programs
  10. Jon Alexander. Kaposia, inc.